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Took me long enough to get this sign up. A year. Ignore this if you're already on my flist. \o/

Graphics now at its_half_baked joint with tam_atm, or alternativly at my web graphics site. :D

and my 5x5 tcg post is under this post.

x/1999 destiny
A cute blog giveaway!
There's a huge slew of prizes, plus a Betsey Johnson sweet treats wallet that comes from the same collection as the tote I have except in black x silver (I have white x gold!)

5x5 TCG Trade Log


I keep meaning to update/reply but I must admit to myself I have no time...because I play too much poupeegirl *ahem* am moving and starting an internship (co-op)!

I've moved my cards page to my domain! Here! Moved again~ XD

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Lists of various things.

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HYD2 -waiting for ep 11- Graphics
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Hana Yori Dango2 Graphics.

[3] wallpapers
[3] icons

Yeah, not a lot. =p I take forever to make anything. I'm slow.


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manga100: 100 Icons Challenge - X
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manga100 Icons Challenge
Theme: X General Series(X/1999)
total: 100/100
start: 09.30.05
updated: 12.29.05
deadline: 12.30.05

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And I made a Raito colourbar. Because it was an excellent opportunity to procrasinate.

Image hosted by
Yagami Raito is deadly love

x-posted at death_note

And I've been unable to get Tsubasa22 for the past hour. ;_; All the xdcc bots are full.

x/1999 destiny
001. High Wizard 002. Sage 003. Assassin 1 004. Assassin 2 005. High Priest

What else? Summer school's going fine~ I got 49/51 in the multiple choice section for my midterm exam, don't know how I did on the essay or the 2 responses yet. The girl beside me keeps on calling me "smartygirl". -.- I don't really mind, she's nice enough.


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